Venice Shine Collection

Venice Shine Collection

Gentle, charming, sophisticated ... It is not easy to describe in words the whole charm of the Venice Shine collection of wedding dresses, which was released in 2018. Dresses in the style of a princess emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings of the figure of the bride, making her the most charming girl in such a significant day of her life.

Features of the dresses from the collection of Venice:

• bright and eye-catching design;

• luxurious Italian and French lace;

• The incomparable Tulmarin is the basis of all Royaldi models.

The highlight of the dresses from the Venice collection was the Shine effect. It is achieved through the imposition of several types of lace and a unique combination of a different texture of fabrics into a single masterpiece of tailoring art.

The collection of dresses Venice includes models Maggi and Nico. Maggi is a gentle and refined A-line wedding dress that creates a stylish and romantic image of the bride. The product has an open top and a embroidered lace bodice, which favorably emphasizes the neckline.

Nico - is a bright silhouette lace dress, emphasizing the irresistible bride. Product style is perfect for fans of rhinestones and sequins, and the combination of modesty and chic will allow the bride to look 100% perfect during the most significant event of your life. Removable wedding cap will add an image of mystery, attract the views of others and emphasize the perfect style of the bride.

Like the collection? You can order it in wholesale by using the feedback form on the site. The Royaldi company will execute tailoring in short terms. All models are of high quality and have an excellent fit that will allow the bride to look irresistible on the most important day of her life.

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